Call for Papers

First Issue: Violence and Orders

Contributions from: Paula Biglieri (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Daniel de Mendonça (Federal University de Pelotas), Jacques Lezra (UC Riverside) and Clare Woodford (University of Brighton) and interviews with: Wendy Brown (UC Berkeley), Judith Butler (UC Berkeley) and Frank B. Wilderson III (UC Irvine).

To abuse Gary Jules: all around us are familiar orders, worn out orders, violent orders. 

Since 2015 over 2 million Venezuelans have been forced to flee their country and are now refugees. In 2017 US States passed 129 anti-LGBTQ+ laws. In 2018 half of all women murdered in the UK were killed by their partners. Today Kurdish people are imprisoned as low-ranking members of a non-violent political organisation. Turkish academics are exiled or imprisoned for signing a letter calling for peace. In the US 60% of the prison population are people of colour, despite constituting only a quarter of the population. In Syria 11 million people have been displaced through conflict while 5 million have sought asylum abroad. In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has urged citizens to murder suspected criminals and drug addicts.

This inaugural issue examines orders that systematically produce economic and political violence. It invites contributions that analyze the violence of neo-liberal and neo-conservative logics; the aftermaths of colonialism; forced displacements and immigration politics; technologies of surveillance; and the rise of exclusionary discourses worldwide. We also invite contributions that analyze resistance to these forms of violence.

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Deadline for submission: 31st July 2020

Due to be published: November 2020

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