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Journal for Critical Thought and Radical Politics

Interfere: Journal for Critical Thought and Radical Politics is an international, open access and peer-reviewed journal run by the post-graduate community of the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) in the School of Humanities at University of Brighton.

Interfere publishes scholarly articles, interviews, dialogues, political reports and other forms of critical reflection offering a forum to critically analyse the politics of the present.


Groundless contestation: On (post)-truth and democratic politics

by Catherine Koekoek, Erasmus School of Philosophy, Rotterdam

Deliberative and radical accounts of democracy have always been at loggerheads with one another. Here Catherine Koekoek highlights the US capitol storming as an archetypal post-truth political event. In doing so, she provocatively argues that post-truth politics demonstrates how deliberative and agonistic approaches to democratic theory ‘presuppose and require each other’.

Spectral Inheritance: Decolonial Response-ability to the Plural Past

by Ruben Hordijk, Linköping University

Since the death of George Floyd in May last year and the mass mobilisation of Black Lives Matter uprisings across the globe, decolonisation has become ubiquitous in mainstream politics. Drawing on scholarship that understands the timeline as an imperial technology which colonises the future, here Ruben Hordijk argues that we must resist the closure of the past and entirely re-think time itself, if we are to truly resist the forces of (neo)colonialism and imperialism today.

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