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Journal for Critical Thought and Radical Politics

Interfere: Journal for Critical Thought and Radical Politics is an international, open access and peer-reviewed journal run by the post-graduate community of the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) in the School of Humanities at University of Brighton.

Interfere publishes scholarly articles, interviews, dialogues, political reports and other forms of critical reflection offering a forum to critically analyse the politics of the present.


Recognition Against Liberation: On the UK’s Unreformed Gender Recognition Act

By Chris Griffin, University of Brighton

Last month, the UK government finally published its response to the 2018 public consultation on the Gender Recogniton Act. Trans activists and allies, alongside leading charities, have described the response as ‘lacklustre’ and thoroughly insufficient to support those who are transitioning. Here Chris Griffin goes further and argues that the government’s response has the effect of ‘weaponising’ the law against the movement for trans liberation.

The Spectre of Terror: Philippine Democracy and the Threat of the New (Ab)normal

by Jove Jim S. Aguas, Paolo A. Bolaños and Jovito V. Cariño, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

The Philippine Congress has recently passed a law: the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020. Here academics from the University of Santo Tomas’ Department of Philosophy warn of the act’s potential dangers. The current regime now has the capacity, if it so wishes, to implement a permanent state of exception and martial rule without ever naming it as such.

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