Style Guide


The first page of the paper should contain the title of the paper, date of submission, contact details and affiliation of all authors.

If there are more than one author, please indicate who the lead author is and with whom to correspond.

For the double-blind review please this page will be held back from the reviewers. Please ensure that all other pages do not indicate the name of the authors.

The second page should hold the title of the paper, date of submission, abstract (100-150 words) and up to five keywords.

  1. title of the paper
  2. date of submission
  3. abstract (not exceeding 100 words)
  4. keywords (up to five).


All submissions must follow a single, consistent and coherent referencing style – either the Chicago footnotes-style, or the Harvard in-text citations style. Please refer to the Chicago-Style guide online or the Open University’s Harvard-Style guide.

When in doubt please contact the editors at:

Quotations and Paraphrasing 

Both direct and indirect quotations including paraphrased statements or ideas taken from an author or text must be referenced.

In the text quotations must be enclosed in quotation marks: “ ”. 

Quotations longer than 40 words should be single spaced and inset without quotation marks.

Regular academic standards for using punctuation such as square brackets [ ] or academic expressions such as [sic] apply.


Any relevant information which supports the argument but disrupts the flow of the main body of text should be included in a footnote.

If opting for Chicago-style references, the first footnote should contain a full reference, including the full information for the source together with page numbers where applicable.

Regular academic standards for abbreviations such as ibid., cf., op. cit., and others apply.

Chicago-Style defaults


Author’s first and last name, title, translator if applicable (city: publisher, date [original date if applicable]), page numbers.

Chapters in Books

Author’s first and last name, “title of chapter,” title, editor’s name if applicable, translator if applicable (city: publisher, date [original date if applicable]), page numbers.

Journal Articles

Author’s first and last name, “title of article,” journal title, volume (date) issue, page numbers.

Internet Resources

Internet referencing should be the same as references for printed sources but followed by the <full website address> and date accessed.

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